Medal design

Run through the ages, earning rewards as you uncover history's milestones.

Run Through History is a year-long virtual race that begins on July 1st, 2020. Starting on that date, runners will be able to log into our app and record the their runs. Each mile you run represents one year AD. So if a few weeks go by and you’ve logged a total of 15 miles, you will have traveled from year 1 AD to 15 AD, uncovering historical events along the way and earning the goodies below!



Each time you reach a historical event, you'll be awarded a shiny new badge. We have 20 fun badges for you to collect on your journey through history. Badges have a design and description that matches the event. You won’t know which historical event or badge comes next, so you’ll just have to keep running to uncover them all. 😊


In addition to earning badges when you run reach historical milestones, every so often you’ll also achieve a new medal! First bronze, then silver, and finally gold! 🏅 That’s right – the more you run, the cooler the medal you receive at the end of the year will be!


You’ll gain access to a Facebook group with all the other Run Through History runners. Join in the conversation and get tips from others on how to stay motivated, what running schedules/techniques work best, which badges they've earned so far, and so much more.


Track your progress throughout the year. You can see how many miles you've logged over time, the collection of badges and the medal you've earned as a result. On our Leaderboard, you'll also be able to see how your mileage compares to others in your gender and age group.

What Runners Are Saying About Trivium Racing Events

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I enjoyed this virtual race! It was fun tracking my miles and seeing what milestone I would reach next. Thanks for setting this up and I hope everyone running finishes strong.
Loving this challenge and how it is pushing me to greater things!
I'm not much of a virtual racer, but keep coming with events like this and I'm a sucker!
This race team truly takes wonderful care of each event participant. They pack fun, safety and camaraderie into each race. I love their race events!
I enjoy the organization and care that goes into their events. They truly are a part of the running community in the areas where they have races. They are always my first place to go when looking for an event to do.
THANK YOU Trivium for keeping us moving, motivated and challenged.


What do the medals look like? 🏅

You'll earn a very unique medal, with a slider showing runners travelling along the timeline of history.

Medal design
Do I get a shirt? 👕

Women's and men's heather poly tech shirts are available to purchase when you register for the event.

How do I record my miles? 🏃‍♂️💨

Once you register, you'll gain access to our app. Every time you complete a run, you can enter the date and distance on the "Add a Run" page to record it. We're on the honor system around here, so please try to estimate the distance you ran accurately.

How do I earn badges? ⭐️

When you've racked up enough miles to pass a historical milestone, you'll be sent to a "Congratulations!" page with your shiny new badge and its description displayed. You'll also receive a congratulatory email. You can always view your collection of earned badges on the Timeline page of the app as a reminder that you're making progress and your hard work is reaping rewards.

How do I earn medals? 🏅

Medals are earned in exactly the same way badges are– just log the miles you've run and you'll be presented with a new medal when you've logged enough total miles to achieve one. Kind of like leveling-up in a video game! If you log enough points, you will receive one real, physical medal delivered to your doorstep at the end of the year. You can expect to receive either the Gold, Silver or Bronze medal depending on your total points throughout the year. You can earn the bronze at 350 AD (350 miles), the silver at 1100 AD (1,100 miles) and the gold at 2020 AD (2,020 miles). On the Timeline page of our app, you can see how many miles are left until you earn the next one.

Do I ever have to go anywhere to pick up a badge, medal or shirt?

No way! The badges are purely digital, so you can earn, collect and share them online. If ordered, shirts will be mailed to you. Your medal will be mailed to you at the end of the event – which one depends on how many miles you logged throughout the year.

Can I only log my miles on the day I run them?

No, miles for any date can be logged at any time. Just make sure you remember which runs you did on which days.

Can I log the miles I walk while at work/home or miles I bike?

We are asking athletes to only log “workout miles” that they've run or walked. If you are tracking the cumulative distance you walk while at work/home/other using a Fitbit or similar device, please do not log those miles. And please don't log biking miles either. On the other hand, if you do a 4 mile walk/jog/run workout, feel free to log all of those miles.

What if I want to walk?

No problem! Walking through history will be just as fun as running through it. 😊 Logging your miles walked and earning badges and medals works exactly the same way.

Can I register once July 1st, 2020 has passed?

Absolutely! We highly recommend registering early so you can get started exercising, earning fun stuff early on, and have more time to rack up miles to get further ahead. That said, you can register after the event has begun and get started at any time.

How can I chat with others doing the event?

Once the event kicks off, you'll be granted access to a private Facebook group. Here, we'll share tips and tricks, talk with each other about the progress we've made together.

How much does it cost?

It costs only 💥$40💥 for an entire year of exercising, earning, sharing and achieving.

What if I log more than 2020 miles in 2020, or more than 2021 miles in 2021?

If you run all the way from 1 AD to the current year and keep going, you could run into the future, earning badges for events that haven't even happened yet! Or maybe you'll step aboard a time machine and travel back to some BC date and experience running through events in the distant past. You'll have to reach that miles total to find out! In either case, say "hi" to Marty McFly for us if you happen to bump into him.